2022 Slate Canadian Chapter

President – Dave Shirlow

First Vice – Deb Currie

Second Vice – Bill Gordon

Third Vice – Steve King

Treasurer – PP Phil McCafferty

Secretary – Rob Connelly

Custodian – Joanne Sweeney

Past President – PP “Big” Bill Denault



2022 Committee Chairs

Cemetery – Paul Bissonette, PP Jacquie Cleaver and James Gain

Entertainment – Deb Weddel

Sick and Welfare – PP Robert Weatherill

Finance – PP Barry Jamieson, PP Phil McCafferty,  PP Brad McCafferty,  PP Steve Weatherill, PP Robert Weatherill, PP Geordie Todd

Building Committee – Joe Roy, PP Steve Weatherill and PP “Big” Bill Denault

Newsletter – James Gain

Yearbook – James Gain and Chris Clarke


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