Application for Membership Canadian Chapter An International Organization of Showmen – for Showmen

20 Grey Street Brantford, Ontario – N3T 2S8 - 519-304-7020

The undersign is a member in good standing and under the obligation of the Order, proposes for membership in the Showmen’s League of America – Canadian Chapter of Ontario Canada.

References - Please provided two:

I hereby promise that if elected to membership in the Showmen’s League of America (the League) I shall support the Constitution and By-Laws of the League as they now exist and as they may hereafter be changed or amended; that I assume all the obligations and responsibilities of membership in the League that do not conflict with my duties to self, family, religious beliefs and political beliefs and that I shall conduct myself at all times so that no discredit will be brought on the League. I further state that all statements and representations made by me on this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

A Fee of $50.00 is to cover the first year membership and $25.00 after that unless changed